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Pubblicità Informazioni e Release Notes del file: Oracle VirtualBox 6.1 RC1 Ultime News
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  • list of changes introduced in Beta 1 can be found here.
  • list of changes introduced in Beta 2 can be found here.
  • GUI: Some issues related to mouse integration cursor scaling were addressed (bug #14366), more to go
  • GUI: Few usability related fixes for export appliance wizard
  • GUI: Fixed/improved mouse pointer scaling
  • GUI: Fixed crash in cloud related wizards when accessibility functionality was enabled
  • GUI: Soft keyboard visual improvements, and fix crash for first use
  • GUI: Added the missing restriction options for disabling new functionality such as the VISO creator
  • GUI: More consistent medium selection (both showing known images and allowing to select using the file picker)
  • Documentation: updated supported host operating systems, added few new manual pages (more to come later)
  • Virtualization core: Improvements for nested hardware-virtualization on Intel CPUs
  • VBoxSVGA/VMSVGA: Support YUV2 and related texture formats with hosts using OpenGL (macOS and Linux), which accelerates video playback when 3D is enabled by delegating the color space conversion to the host GPU
  • VBoxSVGA/VMSVGA: Several drawing fixes for the 3D case
  • USB: Improvements for EHCI controller implementation
  • USB: Filter can now specify port path, uniquely identifying a port in a system
  • NAT Network: Use non-blocking sockets on Linux for accepted incoming connections (port forwarding)
  • PCnet-ISA: Added new network adapter type, currently CLI only
  • SMBIOS: Store system UUID in little endian format which is the default for new VMs, while existing VMs stick to the old VirtualBox behavior of storing them in big endian format for backwards compatibility to avoid breaking the activation status of Windows VMs
  • VBoxSDL frontend: Fixed running on Windows hosts
  • VBoxManage: show "unrestricted guest" and "nested HW virtualization" CPU features when listing the host information
  • Shared Clipboard: Implemented experimental support for file transfers for Linux hosts on Windows guests (disabled by default)
  • Linux host and guest: Support Linux 5.4 (bug #18945)
  • Linux host and guest: Force disabling of kernel module signing during build (user can do it afterwards)
  • Windows Guest Additions: Many fixes for drawing problems in the driver for VBoxSVGA
  • Windows Guest Additions: Fixes for legacy VBoxVGA adapter, restore previously working cases
  • Windows Guest Additions: Restore VHWA functionality for VBoxSVGA
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Oracle rilascia VirtualBox 6.1.42 per Windows, Linux, macOS e Unix Solaris
The Document Foundation rilascia la suite LibreOffice 7.4.5 Community
Wine 8.0 Stable esegue il software nativo per Windows su Linux, Unix e MacOS
Wine 8.0 RC5 esegue il software nativo per Windows su Linux, Unix e MacOS
Apple annuncia i MacBook Pro da 14" e 16" con SoC M2 Pro e M2 Max
Apple annuncia ufficialmente i SoC di nuova generazione M2 Pro e M2 Max
Oracle rilascia VirtualBox 7.0.6 per Windows, Linux, macOS e Unix Solaris
Benchmark: Geekbench 5.5.0 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone Ready
Ventoy 1.0.88 consente di creare drive USB per avviare più Sistemi Operativi
The Document Foundation rilascia la suite LibreOffice 7.4.4 Community
Wine 8.0 RC4 esegue il software nativo per Windows su Linux, Unix e MacOS
Intel lancio il Core i9-13900KS, il processore per desktop più veloce al mondo
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We like wish Merry Christmas 2022 to our dear and loving readers
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Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.38 [Maintenance Release]
LibreOffice 7.4.5 Community
Wine 8.0 [Stable Release]
Wine 8.0-rc5 [Development Release]
Oracle VirtualBox 7.0.6
LibreOffice 7.4.4 Community
Wine 8.0-rc4 [Development Release]
Wine 8.0-rc3 [Development Release]
Wine 8.0-rc2 [Development Release]
Wine 8.0-rc1 [Development Release]
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