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Pubblicità Informazioni e Release Notes del file: Fedora 30 Ultime News

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It seems like it was just six months ago that we announced Fedora 29, and here we are again. Today, we announce our next operating system release. Even though it went so quickly, a lot has happened in the last half year, and you’ll see the results in Fedora 30.

If you’re impatient, go to now. For details, read on.

Variants and more

Fedora Editions are targeted outputs geared toward specific “showcase” uses. Since we first started using this concept in the Fedora 21 release, the needs of the community have continued to evolve. As part of Fedora 30, we’re combining cloud and server into the Fedora Server edition. We’re bringing in Fedora CoreOS to replace Fedora Atomic Host as our container-focused deliverable in the Fedora 30 timeframe — stay tuned for that. The Fedora Workstation edition continues to focus on delivering the latest in open source desktop tools.

Of course, we produce more than just the editions. Fedora Spins and Labs target a variety of audiences and use cases, including the Internet of Things. And, we haven’t forgotten our alternate architectures, ARM AArch64, Power, and S390x.

Fedora Workstation features GNOME 3.32 — the latest release of this popular desktop environment. GNOME 3.32 features an updated visual style, including the user interface, the icons, and the desktop itself. New to Fedora Server are Linux System Roles — a collection of roles and modules executed by Ansible to assist Linux admins in the configuration of common GNU/Linux subsystems

No matter what variant of Fedora you use, you’re getting the latest the open source world has to offer. GCC 9, Bash 5.0, and PHP 7.3 are among the many updated packages in Fedora 30. We’re excited for you to try it out. So go to and download it now. Or if you’re already running a Fedora release, follow the easy upgrade instructions.

Along with the release of Fedora 30, we’re moving our “Ask Fedora” support forum to the Discourse platform. Log in to Ask Fedora to try it out and watch for a Fedora Magazine article about it soon.

As always, thanks to the thousands of people who contributed in some way to the Fedora Project in this release cycle, and to the Fedora heroes who helped get this release out on schedule even with so much else going on. If you’re in Boston for Red Hat Summit next week, whether you are one of these contributors, would like to be one in the future, or just a friend, make sure to visit the Fedora booth in Community Central!

Wine 5.0.1 esegue il software nativo per Microsoft Windows su Linux e Unix
Ripristinare e configurare Linux o Windows con SystemRescueCd 6.1.4
The Document Foundation rilascia LibreOffice Productivity Suite 6.4.4
AMD lancia la video card Radeon Pro VII con GPU Vega 20 e 16GB di VRAM HBM2
Oracle rilascia VirtualBox 6.1.8 per Windows, Linux, Apple OS X e Solaris
NVIDIA annuncia A100, la prima GPU basata sull'architettura grafica Ampere
Una video card Intel DG1 con GPU Xe testata con il benchmark SiSoft Sandra
Intel prepara il lancio delle memorie 3D NAND flash a 144-layer e Optane 2
Wine 5.8 esegue il software nativo per Microsoft Windows su Linux e Unix
Foto delle CPU Core di decima generazione Intel Core i9-10900K e Core i5-10600K
TSMC resterà il fornitore principale di NVIDIA per le GPU a 7nm e a 5nm
Intel mostra su Twitter il prototipo di una GPU next gen della linea Xe-HP
Xiaomi lancia lo smartphone Mi Note 10 Lite con display 3D curvo AMOLED FHD+
Intel annuncia i processori per desktop Core S di decima generazione
Svelati i prezzi dei processori Intel Comet Lake-S (Core di decima generazione)
Fedora Project rilascia Fedora 32 per sistemi desktop, server e container
Wine 5.7 esegue il software nativo per Microsoft Windows su Linux e Unix
Nuova conferma sul lancio dei processori ARM per Mac firmati Apple nel 2021
Rufus 3.10 formatta e crea drive flash USB avviabili da immagini ISO
Wine 4.0.4 esegue il software nativo per Microsoft Windows su Linux e Unix
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Wine 5.0.1 [Maintenance Release]
SystemRescueCd 6.1.4
SystemRescueCd 6.1.4
Wine 5.9 [Development Release]
LibreOffice Productivity Suite 6.4.4
Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.8
Wine 5.8 [Development Release]
Fedora 32
Wine 5.7 [Development Release]
Wine 4.0.4 [Maintenance Release]
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