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Pubblicità Informazioni e Release Notes del file: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) Alpha 4 Ultime News

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The Ubuntu developers are moving very quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the Open Source community has to offer. With Ubuntu "Intrepid Ibex" Alpha 4 come some new features as well as lots of bug fixes.

Note: This is still an alpha release. Do not install it on production machines. The final stable version will be released on October 30th, 2008.

In General

These features are showcased for your attention. Please test them and report any bugs you find. If you want to see what the developers have cooking for the next alpha release take a look through the intrepid blueprint page

Upgrading from Ubuntu 8.04

To upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04, press Alt+F2 and type in "update-manager -d" without the quotes and accept the "New Distribution Update."

New features in Intrepid X.Org server 1.5

The latest X.Org is available in Intrepid. This now also brings much better support for hot-pluggable input devices such as tablets, keyboards, or mice. At the same time this will allow the great majority of users to run without an "/etc/xorg.conf" file.

Linux kernel 2.6.26

Alpha 4 includes the 2.6.26-5.15 kernel based on version

Encrypted Private Directory

The ecryptfs-utils package was recently promoted to Ubuntu main, with support for EncryptedPrivateDirectory (per-user encrypted ~/Private directories).

To test, simply open up Terminal (by going Applications ? Accessories ? Terminal.) and type:

  • sudo apt-get install ecryptfs-utils auth-client-config

  • sudo auth-client-config -p ecryptfs_standard -t pam-auth,pam-session,pam-password

  • ecryptfs-setup-private 

Guest session

The GNOME user switching applet now provides an extra entry for starting a guest session. This creates a temporary password-less user account with restricted privileges; it cannot access any regular user's home directory, or permanently store data. This is sufficiently safe to lend your laptop to someone else for a quick email check, or using it as a surf station for guests in your house.

Network Manager 0.7

Intrepid Ibex ships Network Manager 0.7.x, which comes with long-expected features. Some are:

  • Managing system wide settings (no need to log in in order to get a connection.)
  • Managing 3G connections (GSM/CDMA.)
  • Managing multiple active devices.
  • Managing PPP and PPPOE connections.
  • Managing devices with static IP configurations.
  • Managing routes for devices.

More information can be found on the Network Manager wiki

Download Alpha 4

Get it while it's hot. ISOs and torrents are available at:


As is to be expected at this stage of the release process, there are several known bugs that users are likely to run into with Intrepid Alpha 4. We have documented them here for your convenience along with any known workarounds, so that you don't need to spend time reporting these bugs again:

  • When using manual partitioning and configuring crypt+LVM, the partitioning will fail in certain configurations. As a workaround, you can use the "entire disk with encryption" install option.

  • The Intrepid 2.6.26-5 kernel fails to boot as a guest under Virtualbox. Investigation of this issue is ongoing.

  • On Ubuntu systems, the "Shutdown" button on the GNOME desktop does not shut down the system, but instead logs the user out. Investigation of this issue is ongoing. As a workaround, to shut down the system you can log out of GNOME and then shut down from the login screen.

  • On Ubuntu systems, the default desktop theme is wrong. As a workaround, please select "Human-Murrine" (or another theme of your choice) in System ? Preferences ? Appearance.

  • The configuration file (/etc/X11/xorg.conf) still has InputDevice entries for the mouse and keyboard, but they are ignored now because input-hotplug is used. The keyboard settings come from /etc/default/console-setup, and to change them please use "dpkg-reconfigure console-setup". After that hal and X needs a restart.

  • After upgrading to this version, some keys might misbehave in X. Please make sure you have set the keyboard model as Generic - evdev managed keyboard in the GNOME keyboard configuration. If some keys still have problems, please file a bug against xkeyboard-config, and provide the output of "setxkbmap -print" and attach the output of "xkbcomp :0 -".

  • The OEM mode on both Desktop and Alternate CDs gets stuck in a loop. Alpha-4 is thus not suitable for doing installations in OEM mode.

  • The "Print server" mode of the server CDs does not install the CUPS printing system. You can fix that after installation with "apt-get install cups".

Reporting Bugs

It should come as no surprise that this alpha release of Intrepid Ibex contains other bugs. Your comments, bug reports, patches and suggestions will help fix bugs and improve future releases. Please report bugs through the Ubuntu bugtracker

If you want to help out with bugs, the Bug Squad is always looking for help.

Participate in Ubuntu

If you would like to help shape Ubuntu, take a look at the list of ways you can participate at

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